The aim of the MIRACle project is to establish and sustainably operate a Center of Competence in the thematic area “Mechatronics and clean technologies”. It employs leading scientists, successful researchers and talented inventors in all scientific and applied fields in this field.

The center has a modern research infrastructure and own research and innovation programs. MIRACle provides an opportunity for competitive development of the scientific field “Mechatronics” and full scientific service of the economic sectors related to Mechatronics and Clean technology field.

Specific objectives:

  • Development of researchers in the field of “Mechatronics”, including by attracting leading scientists and researchers (from the country and abroad) to conduct research. The project provides an opportunity for specialization of researchers and innovators at a high level;

  • Creation and introduction of new teaching and educational methods and programs in the field of mechatronics and clean technologies, both for researchers and business representatives;

  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with leading technological research centers, organizations and companies in Bulgaria and in Europe in order to initiate common projects;

  • Creation of start-up companies.

The Center’s infrastructure is organized network of resourceslocated in four main bases, which include the creation of new and / or modernization of existing research laboratories, in the following areas:

* Innovative solutions in robotics and automation;

* Biomechatronic systems;

* Intelligent environments, processes and technologies in mechatronics;

* New methods and means for control and testing of mechatronic elements;

* Mathematical provision and modeling of complex systems and processes;

* 3D modeling, development and introduction of pilot models of elements, details and systems for mechatronics.