For Business

For Business

  • Tribology of metal, ceramic, polymer and composite materials

    • Materials and components for automotive industry – Tests for friction, wear, static nanoidentification, dynamic nanoidentification, nano-scratching, surface topography, micro- and nano-level roughness assessment, phase analysis, macro-micro- and nanostructure, electrical constant resistance.

    • Electronic components and MEMS – Tribology and adhesion of sensors, sensors, electronic components. Scratch tests, static and dynamic nanoidentification, coating thickness, adhesion to multiple coatings.

    • Coatings – Tests for hardness, smoothness, adhesion, scratches on hard paints and films. Investigation of static and dynamic nanoidentification, nanoscratching, wear, hardness, roughness, defects, etc.

  • Design, construction and research of micro / nano fluid devices with application in microbiology, medicine and industry.

  • Prototyping of Micro Mechatronic Systems (MMC) from photopolymers, silicon and glass.

  • Creation of micro / nano robotic devices and sensors for cellular manipulations in the field of in vitro procedures.

  • Prototyping and laser-optical analysis of micro-optical devices and components.

  • Development of technologies for robotic welding depending on the shape, size and type of materials of the parts.

  • Development of grippers and tools to connect with robots in order to perform various technological operations.